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its not really stupid... just people who annoyed me. do they not read my fucking profile.

devilishdestiny (4:01:35 PM): ummm. no.
real_handsome_devil (4:02:00 PM): real life pic on profile......maybe that might help
devilishdestiny (4:02:12 PM): yeah. i looked at it.
real_handsome_devil (4:02:35 PM): hmm....could have been another lady with a similar name
devilishdestiny (4:02:42 PM): probably. sorry.
real_handsome_devil (4:02:44 PM): my apologies......
devilishdestiny (4:02:50 PM): its alright.
real_handsome_devil (4:04:38 PM): *keeping his innocent, pale blue eyes fixed on her visage.......slides stoically to his knees infront of her.......the soft, firelight dancing off his golden skin*.......please forgive me M'Lady.....
devilishdestiny (4:05:08 PM): i already did. goodbye.

steve71730 (12:48:43 PM): hi
steve71730 (12:48:43 PM): so do you have a boyfriend?
devilishdestiny (12:48:09 PM): yes
devilishdestiny (12:48:15 PM): it says so in my profile
steve71730 (12:48:43 PM): oh sorry how long ya'll been together
devilishdestiny (12:49:00 PM): 1 year, 6 months
steve71730 (12:49:31 PM): u evercheat on him
devilishdestiny (12:50:02 PM): never.
steve71730 (12:50:22 PM): is he home today
devilishdestiny (12:50:41 PM): ya know, i think this convo is finished.
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