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Okay, I know that you may not agree with this Marti, but there's a LONG history behind this that you don't know about, and well, I'm sick of this bitch...

Other Person: hiya
Me: Hello
Other Person: M and I have been lawfully married for 12 days now
Other Person: there were close to 80 people at the church
Me: I really don't care to discuss this.
Me: I'd think that you'd have gotten the clue by now that I plainly don't agree with your position on this.
Other Person: okay - see ya
Me: If you insist on discussing it with me, you won't like it.
Other Person: and I dont really care about your position - the fact remains we entered into a hetrosexual marriage contract that wont be affected by whatever Bush wants to do. And my surgery is next month and wont affect our marriage at all. See ya
Other Person: I have lots of happy people to talk to
Other Person: laters
Other Person: yes it was technically heterosexual because I hadnt had surgery yet
Me: The only way in hell you got a "heterosexual" marriage contract is to say that the State of California and the federal government are wrong to call you a woman. HOW DOES THAT FEEL???
Other Person: no we didnt say that
Other Person: not at all
Me: It's not that I am not happy...or rather, I was happy until you had to go and play "bring and brag" YET AGAIN to someone that DOESN'T WANT TO HEAR IT.
Other Person: you really need to learn how the law works especially if you expect to be any sort of good activist..
Me: If you aren't a fucking man, how do you marry a woman in California, given the Knight Amendment, you fuckin' twit????
Other Person: by the same technicality you have my dear - and if you are going call me a man by using it, then you call yourself a man.
Me: In California the law states that marriage is between a man and a woman only. If Merissa is a woman in the eyes of the state, and you got legally married, then when the fuck can you be BUT a man???
Other Person: because it would apply to you too in california
Other Person: ha ha ha
Me: You are just too fucking clueless...good bye!
Other Person: and you are a TransMoron
Other Person: later
Me: WHAT THE FUCK EVER! At least I know what LOGIC is.

See, what this person doesn't realize is that it is the technicalities that matter under the law. And if lord forbid anyone decides to challenge the legitimacy of this marriage after she's post-op, because there's more than enough precedent that says they're a same-sex couple (since she and her partner are MtF) and couldn't enter into the marriage regardless.

I'm an activist with a degree of practicality. I see the RRCFs looking at a marriage like this and going on about how trans people don't need to be recognized in their chosen gender if they're going being their birth gender for the purposes of getting around laws like the Knight Amendment. I see calling oneself "male" in the middle of the RLT as being against the spirit of the RLT. I see so many things that are just plain wrong with this that it infuriates me.
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