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should I be scared?

because I am...

DanMnrq: HELLO
FunkyFemme502: who is this?
FunkyFemme502: what are you doing that for?
DanMnrq: WXYZ
FunkyFemme502: wow, you are so cool
DanMnrq: 1234
DanMnrq: sorry
DanMnrq: do you wanna chat
FunkyFemme502: uhh...
DanMnrq: whats your name??
FunkyFemme502: my name
DanMnrq: lol
DanMnrq: well1 my name its emanuel
FunkyFemme502: ok..
DanMnrq: nice to meat you just kidin
FunkyFemme502: ?
DanMnrq: lol
DanMnrq: do you no spanish
DanMnrq: ??
FunkyFemme502: nope
DanMnrq: ooo
DanMnrq: do you got pic
DanMnrq: ???
FunkyFemme502: not for you
DanMnrq: lol
DanMnrq: what
DanMnrq: i like to joke alot
FunkyFemme502: oh
FunkyFemme502: ok ... ?!
DanMnrq: r u a virgin
FunkyFemme502: are you a moron?
DanMnrq: no i m a virgin
FunkyFemme502: that's great
DanMnrq: adn i whant to loos it
FunkyFemme502: then the internet is not the way to go
DanMnrq: i need u now
FunkyFemme502: that's a sad story, really
DanMnrq: why wont u com
FunkyFemme502: come where
DanMnrq: here
FunkyFemme502: b/c I don't know you, nor do I know where "here" is.
DanMnrq: ??
FunkyFemme502: too many words for you?
DanMnrq: i just whant to do it
FunkyFemme502: sorry?
DanMnrq: do i have to pay
DanMnrq: $
FunkyFemme502: at this rate, you probably will have to, yes
DanMnrq: how much
FunkyFemme502: I'm not sure what prostitutes are going for these days.. I'm sure there are different rates for different things..
DanMnrq: you dont hav mony
FunkyFemme502: I don't?
FunkyFemme502: you know me sooo well...
DanMnrq: any way r u prety
FunkyFemme502: are you ugly?
DanMnrq: what i look like 13 it was in my bith day ehen i got 15
FunkyFemme502: *scratches head* alright, it was WONDERFUL talking to you..
DanMnrq: will u come
FunkyFemme502: no, now go away.
DanMnrq: u r gay
FunkyFemme502: thank God. goodbye now.
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