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It's not really random b/c he's my friend, but it entertained me. I dunno.. I just hate to see this wonderful community not get updated.
So yea...

Me [2:48 AM]: *girlish squeal* Slut!
Danny [2:48 AM]: *girlish squeal* TRASH!!!
Me [2:48 AM]: haha, what's up yo
Danny [2:49 AM]: nutin just cant sleep
Danny [2:50 AM]: u?
Me [2:51 AM]: same.. went to bed early too, so yea
Danny [2:51 AM]: woo
Me [3:01 AM]: heh.. so what have you been up to and stuff! TALK TO ME YOU WENCH! .... i'm ok, really.. :)
Danny [3:02 AM]: nothing really. today's my b-day.
Danny [3:03 AM]: yea thanx!
Me [3:03 AM]: heheh.. are you doing anything?
Danny [3:03 AM]: im going to see full throttle!!! im soooo excited
Me [3:04 AM]: *is clueless*
Danny [3:04 AM]: charlie's angels 2
Me [3:04 AM]: ohhhh
Me [3:04 AM]: lol
Me [3:07 AM]: i want to see 2 fast 2 furious. bc apparently the cars are sex.
Danny [3:08 AM]: it sucked
Me [3:08 AM]: did it?
Danny [3:09 AM]: yes did u like the first one?
Me [3:09 AM]: didn't see the first one
Danny [3:09 AM]: good 4 u
Me [3:09 AM]: haha why you didnt like that either?
Danny [3:10 AM]: i hate cars
Danny [3:10 AM]: too much testosterone 4 me
Me [3:10 AM]: haha. aww. i <3 cars.
Me [3:10 AM]: we're backwards
Danny [3:11 AM]: ya i know
Danny [3:11 AM]: lol
Me [3:18 AM]: so, any gossip from the queen?
Danny [3:19 AM]: ya im pregnant
Me [3:19 AM]: again?
Me [3:19 AM]: *shakes head*
Danny [3:20 AM]: he pulled out
Me [3:20 AM]: yea, that's what they all say
Danny [3:41 AM]: but im about to pass out so im going to rest in my eternal grave for some time now so i can be awake on my birthday
Me [3:42 AM]: k i love you buhbye!!!!!!!!!
Danny [3:42 AM]: tootles!!!
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haha okay, that was stupid. I need to sleep.