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Stupidity In All Its Glory.
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Stupid IM of The Day Award's LiveJournal:

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Tuesday, December 20th, 2005
3:21 pm
Sunday, November 28th, 2004
7:13 pm
Why do people have to IM me to hook up after I specifically asked them not to?

JBman23 [7:01 P.M.]: why the atttiude in your profile?
ReezaRainbow [7:02 P.M.]: I dont have an attitude. I just get tired of getting hit on
ReezaRainbow [7:02 P.M.]: Jesus Christ, since I put that up, its gotten worse. If its so awful I'll take it down
JBman23 [7:03 P.M.]: then stop being hot grow a beard and gain like 200 pounds then only really gross guys would be after you
ReezaRainbow [7:04 P.M.]: well maybe that would be better. Most people dont talk to me anyway after they find out I use a wheelchair. God forbid us cripples get any of that "hot action"
ReezaRainbow [7:04 P.M.]: who the fuck do you think you are, IMing me and telling me what to put on my profile? I just happen to not like people IMing me for unintellectual purposes.
JBman23 [7:05 P.M.]: I was making converstion there hot stuff cool your jets
JBman23 [7:05 P.M.]: Im a new guy to sc
ReezaRainbow [7:06 P.M.]: dont call me "hot stuff". Fuck you. I dont care who you are. I'm not interested. Mother fucking unintelligent Bush voter...jesus.
Friday, May 14th, 2004
5:19 pm

Come check out and join this awesome community.
Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
7:09 pm

This is me and my mate Miriam's conversation a few hours ago. I thought it was..... Groovy.

a groovy conversationCollapse )


Current Mood: amused
Thursday, January 29th, 2004
7:34 pm
Hi i'm new .. n i loooove this comm. i get way too many dumb im's a day to list ... but here are a few ; )

i'm blond so blond Collapse )
huh ???Collapse )
::giggles:: this guy was funnyCollapse )
lesbian stewCollapse )

Sunday, January 11th, 2004
9:18 pm

Sunday, September 28th, 2003
5:52 pm
its not really stupid... just people who annoyed me. do they not read my fucking profile.
devilishdestiny (4:01:35 PM): ummm. no.
real_handsome_devil (4:02:00 PM): real life pic on profile......maybe that might help
devilishdestiny (4:02:12 PM): yeah. i looked at it.
real_handsome_devil (4:02:35 PM): hmm....could have been another lady with a similar name
devilishdestiny (4:02:42 PM): probably. sorry.
real_handsome_devil (4:02:44 PM): my apologies......
devilishdestiny (4:02:50 PM): its alright.
real_handsome_devil (4:04:38 PM): *keeping his innocent, pale blue eyes fixed on her visage.......slides stoically to his knees infront of her.......the soft, firelight dancing off his golden skin*.......please forgive me M'Lady.....
devilishdestiny (4:05:08 PM): i already did. goodbye.

steve71730 (12:48:43 PM): hi
steve71730 (12:48:43 PM): so do you have a boyfriend?
devilishdestiny (12:48:09 PM): yes
devilishdestiny (12:48:15 PM): it says so in my profile
steve71730 (12:48:43 PM): oh sorry how long ya'll been together
devilishdestiny (12:49:00 PM): 1 year, 6 months
steve71730 (12:49:31 PM): u evercheat on him
devilishdestiny (12:50:02 PM): never.
steve71730 (12:50:22 PM): is he home today
devilishdestiny (12:50:41 PM): ya know, i think this convo is finished.

Current Mood: annoyed
Tuesday, September 16th, 2003
3:58 pm
sobhimiloud: hi
Reeza: hello there
sobhimiloud: how are you ?
Reeza: good. you?
sobhimiloud: real your face vry gret
sobhimiloud: and sorry
Reeza: for what?
sobhimiloud: because you very beautifle
sobhimiloud: my name miloud
Reeza: thanks. so where are you from?
Reeza: I am Joy
sobhimiloud: 25years old
sobhimiloud: you have boy friend
Reeza: no I do not
Reeza: I am 18
Reeza: where do you live
sobhimiloud: algeria
sobhimiloud: and you ?
Reeza: USA
sobhimiloud: good
sobhimiloud: now can you accept me real
Reeza: what do you mean?
sobhimiloud: for long term
Reeza: long term what?
sobhimiloud: boyfriend
Reeza: no
Reeza: I just met you
sobhimiloud: ok i'm very sorry
Reeza: and I am not exactly looking
sobhimiloud: iknow i'm arab
Reeza: I don't care if you are arab. I just dont do online dating
Reeza: if I did do online dating, I wouldnt care if you were green, or purple. Its just that lately I'm into drag queens and transvestites
sobhimiloud: joy
Reeza: yes?
Reeza: is this Marti?
sobhimiloud: i understand you
Reeza: what do you understand?
sobhimiloud: you not accept me
Reeza: yes, but its not because you are arab. It is because I dont fucking know you
sobhimiloud: no dear
sobhimiloud: if you fuking know me accept me
sobhimiloud: joy
sobhimiloud: dear re you here
sobhimiloud: joy
Reeza: what do you want
sobhimiloud: sorry
sobhimiloud: you bussy now
Reeza: I said I don't fucking know you
Reeza: yeah, I need to go wash the dye out of my hair. its turning orange
sobhimiloud: dear if
sobhimiloud: yo acept me
Reeza: hm...I dont know. Do you wear makeup?
sobhimiloud: look you know tunise
Reeza: I dont understand...
sobhimiloud: tunise contry very tourestique
Reeza: I'm not looking to travel
sobhimiloud: and mei want see you in tunise and you saide me " I don't fucking know you"
Reeza: I dont know you
sobhimiloud: real i want you
Reeza: fucking is an english term...its like an english curse word
Reeza: what is a tunise?
sobhimiloud: tunise contry ver tourestique
Reeza: is Tunise where you live?
sobhimiloud: more girl usa visited summer
Reeza: well I dont have the money to travel there
sobhimiloud: but for love
Reeza: I dont love you
sobhimiloud: now yes
sobhimiloud: yes now not love me
sobhimiloud: dear are you here
Reeza: fuck you!
sobhimiloud: tahnks
sobhimiloud: good night and takecare plz
Wednesday, August 13th, 2003
7:35 pm
Monday, August 11th, 2003
10:25 am
wonkaloompa16 (5:50:54 PM): HI
RoccoThePenguin (5:51:03 PM): hi, who are you?
wonkaloompa16 (5:51:13 PM): YOU HAVE 7 DAYS
RoccoThePenguin (5:51:43 PM): cute.
Session concluded at 5:52:54 PM
wonkaloompa16 (5:53:06 PM): BYE
Session concluded at 5:57:20 PM
wonkaloompa16 (6:26:44 PM): HI
RoccoThePenguin (6:26:55 PM): hi, who are you?
RoccoThePenguin (6:26:59 PM): again. . .
wonkaloompa16 (6:27:05 PM): YOU HAVE 7 DAYS
RoccoThePenguin (6:27:11 PM): you mentioned that.
wonkaloompa16 (6:27:14 PM): UNTIL
wonkaloompa16 (6:27:16 PM): YOU
wonkaloompa16 (6:27:21 PM): WILL
wonkaloompa16 (6:27:23 PM): EAT
wonkaloompa16 (6:27:25 PM): CHEESE
RoccoThePenguin (6:27:32 PM): do you really think that you are amusing?
RoccoThePenguin (6:28:00 PM): no, i'm not particularly amusing myself.
wonkaloompa16 (6:28:15 PM): NO, I'M NOT PARTICULARLY AMUSING MYSELF.
RoccoThePenguin (6:28:57 PM): who are you?
wonkaloompa16 (6:29:05 PM): WHO ARE YOU?
RoccoThePenguin (6:29:29 PM): *sigh*
Session concluded at 6:29:48 PM
Saturday, August 9th, 2003
9:21 am
Have A Sexy Laugh
Yanked from a friend who yanked it from a friend...and it is WORTH the time. Enjoy!
Friday, August 1st, 2003
10:12 pm
CheerinQT4life01: hey is this britney spears?


LvSin8: yes
CheerinQT4life01: im like one of ur biggest fans

(what a psycho!)

LvSin8: thanx
CheerinQT4life01: whats ur e-mail i wanna send u something


CheerinQT4life01: its real cute
LvSin8: what is it
CheerinQT4life01: its this britney spears thing that this gurl made up and see is seeing to u and she is only like 6
CheerinQT4life01: its so sweet lol
LvSin8: i cant give you my email
CheerinQT4life01: oh ok
LvSin8: where are you from
CheerinQT4life01: florida
LvSin8: oh really? what part
CheerinQT4life01: Gainsville
LvSin8: kewl
CheerinQT4life01: do u know jamie's s/n

(debating whether or not to give her jesses s/n just for kicks and giggles)

LvSin8: she dont want me givin it out
CheerinQT4life01: oh
CheerinQT4life01: who's journel is that in ur profile
LvSin8: a friends
CheerinQT4life01: oh
CheerinQT4life01: hey will u please tell me if u are really britney? b/c i know her real s/n and this isnt it..i wont tell anyone please

(maybe i SHOULD say i am)
LvSin8: people have many different ones
CheerinQT4life01: i know..but i know ur not britney O:-)
LvSin8: really?
CheerinQT4life01: please just tell me i wont tell anyone
LvSin8: lol
LvSin8: have to go
CheerinQT4life01 signed off at 8:33:52 PM.

afterwards i blocked her... just to unblock her 5 min later. she didnt IM me again. (thankfully)
how stupid ARE people?
Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
8:05 pm
Okay, I know that you may not agree with this Marti, but there's a LONG history behind this that you don't know about, and well, I'm sick of this bitch...

Other Person: hiya
Me: Hello
Other Person: M and I have been lawfully married for 12 days now
Other Person: there were close to 80 people at the church
Me: I really don't care to discuss this.
Me: I'd think that you'd have gotten the clue by now that I plainly don't agree with your position on this.
Other Person: okay - see ya
Me: If you insist on discussing it with me, you won't like it.
Other Person: and I dont really care about your position - the fact remains we entered into a hetrosexual marriage contract that wont be affected by whatever Bush wants to do. And my surgery is next month and wont affect our marriage at all. See ya
Other Person: I have lots of happy people to talk to
Other Person: laters
Other Person: yes it was technically heterosexual because I hadnt had surgery yet
Me: The only way in hell you got a "heterosexual" marriage contract is to say that the State of California and the federal government are wrong to call you a woman. HOW DOES THAT FEEL???
Other Person: no we didnt say that
Other Person: not at all
Me: It's not that I am not happy...or rather, I was happy until you had to go and play "bring and brag" YET AGAIN to someone that DOESN'T WANT TO HEAR IT.
Other Person: you really need to learn how the law works especially if you expect to be any sort of good activist..
Me: If you aren't a fucking man, how do you marry a woman in California, given the Knight Amendment, you fuckin' twit????
Other Person: by the same technicality you have my dear - and if you are going call me a man by using it, then you call yourself a man.
Me: In California the law states that marriage is between a man and a woman only. If Merissa is a woman in the eyes of the state, and you got legally married, then when the fuck can you be BUT a man???
Other Person: because it would apply to you too in california
Other Person: ha ha ha
Me: You are just too fucking clueless...good bye!
Other Person: and you are a TransMoron
Other Person: later
Me: WHAT THE FUCK EVER! At least I know what LOGIC is.

See, what this person doesn't realize is that it is the technicalities that matter under the law. And if lord forbid anyone decides to challenge the legitimacy of this marriage after she's post-op, because there's more than enough precedent that says they're a same-sex couple (since she and her partner are MtF) and couldn't enter into the marriage regardless.

I'm an activist with a degree of practicality. I see the RRCFs looking at a marriage like this and going on about how trans people don't need to be recognized in their chosen gender if they're going being their birth gender for the purposes of getting around laws like the Knight Amendment. I see calling oneself "male" in the middle of the RLT as being against the spirit of the RLT. I see so many things that are just plain wrong with this that it infuriates me.

Current Mood: annoyed
Friday, July 18th, 2003
9:08 pm
A total of four IMs from me. I was just... disoriented by the sheer audacity of "this guy's" responses.

And I'm new. Hello.

Censored to protect the blissfully ignorant.Collapse )

Current Mood: annoyed, yet amused
Thursday, July 17th, 2003
3:02 pm
Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
12:21 pm

Gentleman6925004u : wanna meet up and get naked 25 male Mississauga
Riot_Grrl_1023 : *LAUGHS*
Riot_Grrl_1023 : HELL no

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, July 15th, 2003
10:28 am
This one is pretty classic...
I didn't even get a chance to respond because he ran away!

male_needs_mistress : I am a male. I want u to imagine me to be in front of u and abuse me badly. Cruelly order me to smell nasty things like a ur shoes - panties - ass. If I refuse kick me hard and force me.don’t spare me.

Current Mood: amused
Friday, July 4th, 2003
4:42 pm
should I be scared?
because I am...

DanMnrq: HELLO
FunkyFemme502: who is this?
FunkyFemme502: what are you doing that for?
DanMnrq: WXYZ
FunkyFemme502: wow, you are so cool
DanMnrq: 1234
DanMnrq: sorry
DanMnrq: do you wanna chat
FunkyFemme502: uhh...
DanMnrq: whats your name??
FunkyFemme502: my name
DanMnrq: lol
DanMnrq: well1 my name its emanuel
FunkyFemme502: ok..
DanMnrq: nice to meat you just kidin
FunkyFemme502: ?
DanMnrq: lol
DanMnrq: do you no spanish
DanMnrq: ??
FunkyFemme502: nope
DanMnrq: ooo
DanMnrq: do you got pic
DanMnrq: ???
FunkyFemme502: not for you
DanMnrq: lol
DanMnrq: what
DanMnrq: i like to joke alot
FunkyFemme502: oh
FunkyFemme502: ok ... ?!
DanMnrq: r u a virgin
FunkyFemme502: are you a moron?
DanMnrq: no i m a virgin
FunkyFemme502: that's great
DanMnrq: adn i whant to loos it
FunkyFemme502: then the internet is not the way to go
DanMnrq: i need u now
FunkyFemme502: that's a sad story, really
DanMnrq: why wont u com
FunkyFemme502: come where
DanMnrq: here
FunkyFemme502: b/c I don't know you, nor do I know where "here" is.
DanMnrq: ??
FunkyFemme502: too many words for you?
DanMnrq: i just whant to do it
FunkyFemme502: sorry?
DanMnrq: do i have to pay
DanMnrq: $
FunkyFemme502: at this rate, you probably will have to, yes
DanMnrq: how much
FunkyFemme502: I'm not sure what prostitutes are going for these days.. I'm sure there are different rates for different things..
DanMnrq: you dont hav mony
FunkyFemme502: I don't?
FunkyFemme502: you know me sooo well...
DanMnrq: any way r u prety
FunkyFemme502: are you ugly?
DanMnrq: what i look like 13 it was in my bith day ehen i got 15
FunkyFemme502: *scratches head* alright, it was WONDERFUL talking to you..
DanMnrq: will u come
FunkyFemme502: no, now go away.
DanMnrq: u r gay
FunkyFemme502: thank God. goodbye now.

Current Mood: indifferent
Friday, June 27th, 2003
10:41 pm
I DID IT: hi honey
please can you sit on my face now
i relly love to suck your pussy and make it relly wet in my mouth
and do you want me lick your ass too?
RazorBladeButterfly: ?

Current Mood: annoyed
3:54 am
It's not really random b/c he's my friend, but it entertained me. I dunno.. I just hate to see this wonderful community not get updated.
So yea...

on with it!Collapse )

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